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I am a prepper (a little bit)

When I was 17, while I was living in a home for teenage girls with troubles, we did a survival training during one of our holidays. This meant making shelter, maintaining a fire, a semi-shamanic ritual (no drumming) and cooking on the fire. For me it also meant getting nicotine poisoning from inhaling the smoke of 500g burnt tobacco during the ritual. I spent one entire afternoon vomiting and a night freezing because my irresponsible shelter buddy had allowed the fire to go out while I was incapacitated from exhaustion. Continue reading “I am a prepper (a little bit)”

Living in dark times (literally) / feeling like shit

This morning I told my college about my ongoing lack of motivation, which is unusual for me as I love my job. Continue reading “Living in dark times (literally) / feeling like shit”

The little hours with Aubrey Plaza – a movie review

Short: It is amazing, watch it!


The movie produced by Aubrey Plaza is based on a story in the Decamerone by Giovanni Boccaccio (first story, third night). I have been looking forward to this movie coming out for months as is centers around my favourite themes: nuns, witches and bisexuality (this movie is about witchy bisexual nuns). Pure perfection. Continue reading “The little hours with Aubrey Plaza – a movie review”

What movies taught me about relationships

While you might not believe the ways in which Hollywood moovies portray relationships, I feel they still influence how we interact. So here is a list of bullshit right out of Hollywood: Continue reading “What movies taught me about relationships”

Senior high

Every morning when I leave the house I quickly read the headlines of my neighbor’s newspaper and the occasional short article (mostly because I want to procrastinate going out into the cold harsh world and ride my bike to work). Continue reading “Senior high”

Stable genius

When I wrote to an old friend recently the first thing she asked was, whether or not I still had my blog. So here I am trying to make something again finally. It is not even as if I was lazy of late- I genuinely have a lot on my plate. I have not been on Facebook for months if that tells you anything:-) Continue reading “Stable genius”

Blood Ties

Do know all your close relatives personally? And some more distant ones as well? Do you have access to their phone number, home address and know their birthdays, occupation and maybe other details? Yes? Well then – congratulations. I do not. There is an issue with this in my life right now and it just burns in me – I need to write about this. However, since it does touch on private information about others, I will be quite vague sometimes and hope to be still clear enough to make my point. Continue reading “Blood Ties”

Why I am a Hardliner


Have ever been in a situation where someone basically harassed you with their opinion? I sure have. Personally I live by the motto “each their own” – quite peacefully. I believe e everybody is different and therefore should talk, act, think and believe different things. It is right and healthy to be different from others. It is “normal”. Continue reading “Why I am a Hardliner”

Sitting it out.


Elections in Germany are coming up and as always the election posters are creeping me out! I would like to share with you some of the sins our parties commit to win over the uneducated populous. Continue reading “Sitting it out.”

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