Have you ever taken a bath and realized that it was not relaxing at all?
Here are the 29 easy steps to taking a relaxing bath (for girls):

Step 1) Get all the necessary supplies.

Step 2) Call the bulky waste removal.

Step 3) Declutter your basement, attic and apartment and have everything removed.

Step 4) empty all your cupboards, shelves and drawers, clean on the inside and declutter

Step 5) Dust your walls, ceilings and Lamps.

Step 6) Paint your apartment / house.

Step 7) Freshen up your pot plants.

Step 8) Do everything on your to-do list.

Step 9) Wash your windows.

Step 10) Wash your floors.

Step 11) Bring out the garbage.

Step 12) Wash your laundry.

Step 13) Wash and tidy anything that has not so far been cleaned or tidied.

Step 14) Wash and tidy your bathroom. Pay special attention to the bathtub

Step 15) Take a shower and exfoliate.

Step 16) Do all the necessary epilating and waxing.

Step 17) Take a shower and do all the necessary shaving.

Step 18) Exercise vigorously.

Step 19) Eat whatever you should eat after exercising according to your own convictions.

Step 20) Take a shower.

Step 21) Wash your laundry and bring out the garbage.

Step 22) Make sure you will not be disturbed (Kids to grandma, turn off the doorbell and
all electronic devices).

Step 23) Put on the right type of music.

Step 24) Light candles.

Step 25) Get a glass or Wine / Tea (depending on your personality).

Step 26) Get a book / a vibrator or both depending on your personal preferences.

Step 27) Run your bath.

Step 28) Apply a face-mask.

Step 29) Enjoy your bath.