When I was 17, while I was living in a home for teenage girls with troubles, we did a survival training during one of our holidays. This meant making shelter, maintaining a fire, a semi-shamanic ritual (no drumming) and cooking on the fire. For me it also meant getting nicotine poisoning from inhaling the smoke of 500g burnt tobacco during the ritual. I spent one entire afternoon vomiting and a night freezing because my irresponsible shelter buddy had allowed the fire to go out while I was incapacitated from exhaustion.

Long story short- I lOVED it! I have been wanting to repeat the experience ever since (but hopefully without the vomiting). However, there was never enough money, or put differently, the money that was there I had prioritized differently or wanted to save for emergencies. Now for the first time in my life I have decided to spend a large (for me) amount of money on my own pleasure and signed up for a one week intensive training with “Earth Trail” during the summer. The rules are: 3.5 kg of pack + sleeping bag and mat for the last night.

So basically I made a gigantic list of stuff that I will assemble, and then see how much I have to leave behind because of its weight.

And here is my list:




Health and hygiene




Other equipment

Good pair of outdoor pants with big pockets


Natural soap


Multi tool

1 pair of soft pants

Natural skin care





Sun screen


Knife sharpener

Extra socks and underpants

Water sterilization tablets

dried vegan jerky

Fire starter

2 comfortable sports bras


Anti bug spray



Cap (for nights)

Menstrual cup


1 extra shirt





1 warm jumper



Civilization tools

Fishing line

1 under shirt (for nights)




1 military poncho


Mobile phone

Plastic bags

1 good jacket

Nail file

Personel ID

Freezer bags

Hiking boots

Needle and yarn

Money card

2L Water bottle

Very light sandals

Safety pins


1 pot for cooking

Protective gloves

Moist tissues (biodegradabe)


1 pot for washing / or

Glasses and sun glasses




Shower bag

Cotton cloth


Natural toothpaste



Folding shovel

1 Hat (for sun)

Comb / brush




1st aid:




2 Rescue blankets




Char coal tablets


Antiseptic burn creme


Bandages and plasters


Anti-inflammatory creme


Wound desinfection


Wound pad


mineral tablets for rehydration

Flush right in italic are things that I could probably make or find easily /are not totally essential. I do realise, that a lot of those things are luxuries but not having them would add a lot of work and discomfort especially since I am not in used to wilderness situations currently.

Did I forget anything?

Also I have great plans for further preparation, like actually sticking to my entire sportive regimen in the three months before the training and loading up on vitamins and minerals to be in top shape and also fasting a couple of days to get used to the feeling and learn again how to deal with low food supply. Let’s see how that goes…

So in the mean time (until August) I annoy everybody around me with my excitement about navigation by the stars while secretly worrying about how on earth I am going to get my private parts washed without anyone else actually seeing me do this.

Have a wonderful week🙂