Short: It is amazing, watch it!


The movie produced by Aubrey Plaza is based on a story in the Decamerone by Giovanni Boccaccio (first story, third night). I have been looking forward to this movie coming out for months as is centers around my favourite themes: nuns, witches and bisexuality (this movie is about witchy bisexual nuns). Pure perfection.

You might be wondering how these subjects fit together and the full truth is that I do not know entirely. I did go to catholic school though and my high school was a girl’s school run by nuns. I have always been fascinated with monastic life and Catholicism specifically.

It is probably Feminism in its purest form as those in all female groups tend to exhibit a competence and capability in all things as well as deep friendships (I want to say cameradarie, but then that would be more male) while uninhibited by social norms and expectations. The stereotypical “bitchyness” in my experience manifests only when at least one male is present or when at least one woman was raised extremely traditional into believing that the male is better and necessary for the female to be complete thus blaming all imperfections on the male absence (ironically it is also those women who talk the worst shit about men when they are present, like that they can not even accomplish simple tasks eg. washing the dishes…)

Back to the movie: I do not find that it depicts catholics or nuns accurately as they are at present but you have to remember that back in the day a lot of women who were a bit unruly or seemed “unfit” for marriage (more in the Lillith than the Eva department) were forced into monastic life and had maybe no desire or disposition to stick to the restraints and rules. If I imagine myself back then I probably would have acted a bit like those women (maybe a lot).

The only criticism I have about this film is that the aggressions displayd by the nuns are not acted convincingly. As whole I think the movie is funny, interesting and very aesthetic and is great entertainment.

Watch it!