While you might not believe the ways in which Hollywood moovies portray relationships, I feel they still influence how we interact. So here is a list of bullshit right out of Hollywood:

If you really hate someone at first, he is probably your soul mate

It is totally acceptable to lie and manipulate in order to maneuver someone into a relationship

Lying in the beginning of a relationship is not only accepted, but also expected and nececcary.

While a romantic scene for a hetero couple always involves sex, lesbians just hold each other fully dressed (Jenny’s wedding).

If you completely embarrass your (lesbian) partner in front of your entire homophobic family, she will be totally ok with it (also Jenny’s Wedding).

Men are totally happy to raise other men’s children (The Back-up Plan).

If you have a child with a man he is probably your soul mate (unless he abused you).

If a man does not water the lawn, you should get a divorce (Jenny’s Wedding).

If a Man contributes more to a relationship than the woman, that is ok. If he contributes less, he is an asshole.

Feminists are too ugly date.

Right after almost getting gang-raped, women really want to have sex (Spartacus).

Women’s bodies do not suffer from pregnancy. When the fat is gone, they are fine.

Men really change when they found their soul mate.

Women are unbelievably annoying and crazy and only bearable because they have a fuck hole.

Hot women like beer / sports / computer games.

If you put your penis into a woman’s Vagina and do 3 to 5 positions, she will have an orgasm.

If you orally stimulate a woman’s clitoris she will DEFINATLY have an orgasm.

Everybody wants and should have a relationship. If you say you do not want one, it means you can’t get one and are pathetic.

Have a wonderful week:-)