When I wrote to an old friend recently the first thing she asked was, whether or not I still had my blog. So here I am trying to make something again finally. It is not even as if I was lazy of late- I genuinely have a lot on my plate. I have not been on Facebook for months if that tells you anything:-)

Since I am here I would like to tell you, that I am a stable genius. Totally. I swear.

Firstly, let me define “genius” for you according to someone I can not remember, but who impressed me enough to memorize this quote: “A genius is someone surrounded by dumber people than he himself is.” I love this statement, because it reflects beautifully how the world feels to a smart person. Usually one perceives oneself as the norm, meaning, one would neither feel particularly stupid or intelligent but rather attribute such characteristics to others. Oneself, however usually feels “normal”.

In my everyday life as teenager, I was often confronted with the fact, that other people would come to different conclusions than me when faced with the same facts. They were always more, so they had to be right and I began to feel stupid. This changed when a professional Intelligence test was done with me that I did pretty well on. I want to say it right away: According to this test, I am not a genius, but smarter than average. To have this result was good for me. I knew then, that also as a minority I can be right. But I was also smart enough to see the shortcomings of this test. A big one was on foreign words. I had taken Latin in school which gave me a huge advantage, others just as smart as I would not have had. I understood that this test was just a very vague assessment to get a general Idea of ones mental faculties.

A thing that usually keeps a smart person firmly grounded, is finding out, when they are wrong. Some people will feel super enlightened and smart after correcting false convictions, the smart person however feels humbled, as she is blessed with the ability to project this past experience into a possible future and deduce that she might be wrong about other believes she has right now that could be corrected in the future. Therefore I conclude that the only ways to feel like a genius are that you are either to dumb to see your own short-comings or too dumb to project your insights gained from past experiences into a possible future.

In short, you have to be pretty mentally challenged to believe you are a genius.