A few years ago when I was still at school one day my teacher entered the classroom in a good mood and gave the following announcement: “Great news – they finally arrested the people who installed web-cams in the lady’s rooms!”

My immediate reaction was a shriek of terror: “there were CAMERAS in the toilets!!! WHY did nobody tell us before??? Who was on the footage??? In which bathroom were they EXACTLY??? WERE THEY IN ALL BATHROOMS??????? FOR HOW LONG?????????”

To this day I have no Idea if there is an online community that was witness to my bathroom visits. Did the bus driver see me shit on the internet? Did the person who fixes my windows see me empty my menstrual cup?

And then the police and judge. During any investigation those people actually have to view the evidentiary material. I will never know. I will never feel quite safe again. In public restrooms. At the doctor’s office (there was a similar case at a local hospital also a few years back where a male nurse filmed patients undressing for surgery). And in my own home.

As a result of this incident I did do some research on voyeurism and found a very informative web page where a dude bragged with having installed a micro camera in a smoke detector. As our smoke detectors are installed and maintained by a company this gives random strangers the opportunity to do the same to me.

I did not want to go to the bathroom anymore, but sadly with 8 hour days a weak bladder and a frequent and strong menstruation there just is isn’t any choice! I started to appreciate the burka. It would have been great to have my own private little toilet-tent that nobody can tamper with! However, it does seem like a bit too much to handle in an already disgusting and quite tiny room.

Here is the thing that I am really curious about though: Why on earth do these people want to see that? I am quite happy that I don’t have to witness people on the toilet. Is it a fetish or some weird anal fixation? Please don’t get me wrong! If someone enjoys watching others taking a shit or peeing or menstruating and they find someone who likes to lets them watch? Great for them! But I don’t want to be seen like that. And should I ever agree to that I would not tolerate a camera anywhere nearby! This is why my birth was not filmed also. I like to shit alone.

Have a wonderful week:-)