I would like to share with you today something that I am guilty of. And that is the age old bribing of the child with a pet.

First let me tell you, I have not had good experiences with pets. As a child I first had two already old guinea pigs who hated me. Later I tortured my mother with my whining until I got the red tomcat that I thought I needed – a decade of not going to the bathroom during the night because of vicious attacks and finding beheaded baby bunnies on the foot of the bed. But he looked really good.

When my child was little we had to move twice within 6 months for several reasons. After the first move she definitely did not want to move again, so to shut up the constant nagging that went on for weeks I promised her bunnies after the move. Of course I held word.

I informed myself through books from a famous publishing house that I do not want to mention here on all that is to know about bunnies, got the supplies and the bunnies.
After one week it was clear that bunnies like to challenge each other on who can pee further (not in the books). Also after one week I found out that bunny pee stains cannot be removed from wood and need 3 layers of paint to be covered up on walls.

After two weeks I knew that bunnies can jump much higher than just 70cm (number from book) and grating on outdoor cages must be at least 1.2m above the highest surface.

After three weeks I knew that bunnies like to climb (not in the books) and can get out of the 1.2m grating if there is an angle that apparently supports climbing.

After one year I found out that bunnies have unbelievably destructive powers and their urine dissolves terrace stone.

So I only have about 8 years of this to go – and they are not even tame. In fact one of them likes to bite children.

Have a wonderful week!