Probably most of you know the saying „don’t drive drunk“, however I never heard the saying “don’t dye drunk” which is the reason for the events in spring a few years ago:

It all started when I went to see a movie about a famous dancer with a former co-worker of mine. The dancer was Tanja Liebke, a German –born Australian woman who got killed in an accident with a bus before starting the biggest job of her career- head of the Australian dance company for contemporary dance. The movie was incredibly touching and also motivating to be more active and creative oneself.

After that I met a friend (a fuck friend) and got a little drunk and also quite satisfied. When he left it was three am I was so hyper I knew I would never sleep. So I decided to clean out and organize my basement. I think I have the best organized basement in Europe and the reason for that is that I love to clean it out. Carrying that heavy stuff is exactly the right kind of exercise that makes me feel quite proud of myself afterwards and as the basement is not used in daily life the order will not be ruined again too quickly – so I do that at least twice a year.

By 6 I was done with that and still inspired by the movie to just do stuff- so I decided to dye my hair. I had planned this for quite a while and had all the necessary equipment ready. So I got the coloration and spread it in my hair to the best of my abilities. Since I am neither experienced at coloring my hair nor blessed with antennae with eyes to view the back of my head I did not know exactly what I was doing back there.

When I was done I hurried to work (yes I did all this on a work night) and didn’t really check the result. From the front I looked fine. When I arrived at work my co-worker (the one I went to the movies with) just screamed. Apparently I had basically done a batik coloration to the back of my head where a blond spot was surrounded by various shades of black. For that day everyone who saw me just broke down laughing. It is amazing to serve as a source of joy for the world.

I did get it fixed the next day nonetheless.

Have a wonderful week 🙂