The environment I grew up in was not sexually suppressed – in fact I was the first to know about sexual reproduction amongst my peers and readily supplied them with my knowledge (in kinder garden). Somehow knowing about genital intercourse and how to use tampon and condom were considered enough though. The rest, I guess they hoped I would figure out myself.

The fact that the female reproductive system is quite complicated and that there are numerous things one can do to promote wellbeing “down there” I found out in my twenties with the help of bloggers, vloggers and books from the first wave of modern feminism.

Also there are some risks to accepted and even expected behaviors like cancer prevention that I found out about even later. This particular one was actually something very difficult to deal with because it undermined trust that I had had in the medical community before. There are many things, that everyone can educate themselves on – however I will give you one example that was mind blowing to me:

18 to over 50% (depending on the study) of the samples of instruments and surfaces in gynecological practices were contaminated with HPV – not even counting other STDs and generally infective germs – even on “sterilized” or “hygienically covered” items. I only found out about this after being infected with pretty resistant bacteria at the doctor’s office twice! They always claimed, I had had a preexisting infection, they had then “discovered”. But in fact I had been fine before the checkup.

After this I spent hundreds (literally) of Euros on getting rid of those bacteria, as most of the available treatments were not covered by my healthcare and ineffective as well. These incidents were so disgusting to me this that I could not bring myself to go to my checkups since.

For this reason I would like everyone out there to know: No treatment and no examination at the doctors can be enforced. You have the right to be informed about all risks, advantages and alternatives of every examination and treatment at a different day than the procedure itself takes place. Doctors only have to inform you about unlikely risks at your request- so ask and make infomed consent possible.

Have a wonderful Week:-)