Sometimes I encounter People who don’t believe in any Problem unless they have experienced it first-hand. The moderate version of this is the need for confirmation by other sources before accepting what seems to be outside of their intellectual scope.

Whenever I encounter this kind of attitude I find it incredibly offensive and demeaning – people are basically calling me a liar. Why can’t they just accept my point of view when it has no impact on their lives at all? I am not even asking to be believed wholeheartedly, just accepted and not openly questioned on everything I say just because I am not in the habit of carrying a library around to supply people with original quotes.

Most frequently I am confronted with disbelief when it comes to my carsickness. The reason for this is, that I do not get travelsick in the classical sense with throwing up (something visible, provable) – I get what I called as a child “sick in the head”, which turned out later to be a developing migraine (invisible and therefore nonexistent?).

Many times I was told, that it was all in my head, meaning that I must be imagining it and if I just pulled myself together I’d be fine. Anyone out there who has ever experienced migraine knows just how imagined it is, right people? We just have to toughen up!

This is a plea to all disbelievers. I am not asking you to go through life naïve, just respectful. And maybe some of you would like to educate yourselves on problems that were long believed to be imagined, (mostly problems concerning women) like for example PMS, until proven to be physical. Accept that science is a work in progress – there are many things out there that cannot be explained YET but some day in the future they will be accepted general knowledge. Like the existence of germs. Then again I know people who don’t believe in germs…

Have a wonderful week:-)