A few years back when my daughter was still very small and I didn’t have daycare that allowed for me to have a “real” job, I tutored a girl in maths. Whenever I got there the entire apartment was reeking with what was to them apparently a pleasant smell from an electric scent dispenser.

In fact I love nice smells – I use my fragrance lamp with all natural orange or lemon oil several times a week. But whenever I set foot in there I could just feel the migraine coming like someone attacked me with a sledgehammer! That oil they have used must have been 100% mineral oil mixed with unpronounceable scent-chemicals.

So I put my foot down and we had our sessions outdoors – and that was when I discovered something really curious for the first time: There are people who do not distinguish between bees and wasps! Later I have come across this phenomenon more often, but back then it was mind blowing to me.

I would like to ask everyone who reads this (if anyone does) to leave a comment on whether or not they distinguish between the two and if not- why? Is it due to inability or simply not caring? I am really curious!

And here is why I care so much. I have been brought up a little bit crunchy and bees, I was taught, are essential for maintaining a natural environment, only sting to defend and protect their hives with their lives. They were considered “good”.

Wasps on the other hand side are actually hunters. They sting to attack, and regularly raid bee hives in their hunger for protein. I myself have witnessed a fight between a single bee and a wasp twice – both times the wasp detached the bee’s abdomen, then flying away in a drunk-like manner with her heavy load. Her victim not yet completely dead, lying in her last convulsions on the pavement. They were considered “bad”.

Have a wonderful week 🙂