Not very long ago my grandma told me that I am throwing money out the window because I am living alone. Of course I know I would save much by sharing living expenses with a partner. However not nearly enough to make up for the emotional hardships a male partner causes (I live in a town with a technical university – the odds of finding a female partner are close to nonexistent).

Actually it is really just one problem that manifests in many ways in a relationship. This problem is the partners general unwillingness to view things from the other persons perspective. As I really do not want to list all the problems this causes, I will tell you instead what makes me my best girlfriend possible:

I am not jealous. I accept when I want to be with other people than myself and I never make a scene because I flirted with my best friend a little.

I know that I always cry for nothing the day before my period starts and while it does annoy me I do not judge myself – I make myself a hot bottle of water and let myself go with pasta and chocolate alternatingly.

Playing games. I don’t do it. I never expect others to do so. But they do play games and exhibit relationship-behaviour learned on “How I Met Your Mother” that has nothing to do with the real relationship at hand. It is a relief to be just in the moment and not be challenged by having to find out which show completely irrational behaviour originated from and how to respond to it.

I give myself orgasms on a regular basis.

I don’t complain about my cooking like a 3 year old because it is not fried chicken with fried other stuff every day and sometimes it doesn’t taste like I wanted to – instead I am greateful that I cooked for myself and don’t have to eat plain bread.

I never have to ask for romantic gestures for myself (which I never do anyways because I do not like them unless they are 100% self motivated and spontaneous) and always get the right flowers (mixed coloured tulips) and chocolates (coffee and nuts)  for myself!

It’s ok for me that I can carry heavy things myself, fix my drains on my own and set up furniture myself. I am not offended that I do not need someone with a penis for those tasks.

I like to read and then share (hopefully) interesting  opinions on those books.

I do not think feminism is rediculus and relate very well to still existing disadvantages many women still face every day.

There is one thing though, that is not changed by being just with myself: I still sometimes have to compromise since I often have several opinions on one subject:-)

Please be aware that I don’ hate men, I am just terrible at picking someone that I find nice and mature in the long run.

Have a wonderful week!