This is incredibly exciting – it’s my first reader’s question!

Because I am in such excellent shape Mandy from Russia wants to know “How to be healthy?”. That is a great question, Mandy from Russia, and I bet many of my other readers would also like to know! If you want to be in excellent shape – like me – you just have to follow these simple tips:

Sleeping is a great way to lose weight – you can’t eat while you’re sleeping! My personal advice is to sleep 16 hours every single night. This leaves only 8 hours of temptation

Eating smaller meals helps you to keep your blood sugar levels even. Also your stomach will shrink and you will feel full on less food. Eat 6 small meals every day, like the meal shown in the picture. They can’t be any bigger than that – that is the maximum size. But don’t be sad, because you get to eat six of them!

Drink a lot. You should drink at least 3 liters of really expensive water every single day. Consider all those walks to the bathroom a welcome opportunity for exercise!

Eat some of those slimming powders that consist of 100% caffeine. Heart palpitations lie on the road to being skinny!

Just take aside a little bit of time to exercise every single day. With only 8 hours of exercise every single day you will look exactly like me in no time at all!

Disclaimer: Please do not follow this advice under any circumstances. This post is purely for entertainment purposes. If you die or suffer any damages at all from this advice the author cannot be held accountable.