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Endevours of a Wicked Witch

Please check out my new blog for which I invited my best friend in the world, the wicked witch, who I recently woke up from a five thousand year long sleep, to write about her experiences in the modern world.

“As life is absurd in its entirety I shall write ironically about it, whilst being completely serious. I give a voice to the darkest of urges within my soul.

 – The Wicked Witch –


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How to Calm Your Baby Down

In this post I will share with you what I have learned from raising my baby who cried excessively. I guarantee an improvement for all organically healthy babies. I will write this in 8 steps that protect your baby in case you have started to develop violent phantasies or even impulses: Continue reading “How to Calm Your Baby Down”

Some Shows to Watch:

Here I would like to give you some recommendations for when you want to stare into the box. Some are really deep and important while some are purely for entertainment. Continue reading “Some Shows to Watch:”

A Few Things I Learned on a Waterfast:

As a few people know, I decided to fast a few days in preparation for my survival training in the summer. I started slowly always listening to my body by increasing my nighttime fast for a few days until I had landed effortlessly at one meal a day (OMAD). That was when I came across the snake diet on YouTube. Continue reading “A Few Things I Learned on a Waterfast:”

Free Will = Magic

Most people I have met in my life that consider themselves atheist and definatly do not believe in magic, at the same time firmly believe in their own free will. So I will use this forum to make a point that I have long desired to make: Continue reading “Free Will = Magic”

Some Violent Thoughts.

Most people think women are all peaceful and soft, and while I am not someone getting into physically violent situations I do have violent fantasies that are not very feminine. I  feel bad about some of them and know that most of them are not deserved. They are, however, only fantasies and as such not a crime. Please enjoy the following list and know that those are just fantasies, not plans. Continue reading “Some Violent Thoughts.”

5 great uses for your period blood, you didn’t know about.

Did you know that you are throwing away an amazing life aid every single month since your menstrual blood can be used for so much more than just the perfect Halloween costume! I give you 5 amazing new uses for YOUR period blood: Continue reading “5 great uses for your period blood, you didn’t know about.”

Preventing breast cancer using preventative induced lactation

When we are educated about breast cancer prevention, what is most often talked about is going to your check ups. However, this is not preventive at all, it is early detection.

So what can you do to prevent breast cancer? Continue reading “Preventing breast cancer using preventative induced lactation”

How to take a relaxing bath (for girls)

Have you ever taken a bath and realized that it was not relaxing at all?
Here are the 29 easy steps to taking a relaxing bath (for girls): Continue reading “How to take a relaxing bath (for girls)”

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